Payroll Service vs Payroll Software: What are the differences

Payroll Service

Although small business owners have many options when considering employee payments, the payroll complexity now makes old accounts and tax tables a wrong decision in Payroll Service. Even small businesses need a “wage system” to meet all regulatory requirements.

You can redirect the payroll to an accountant or company with a payroll (which may be expensive) or fix the problem yourself. What about paying tax on your income? Here, the employer can also instruct his wage provider to handle the tasks of paying a salary or autonomously to solve these tasks.

So how do you choose? What is the Payroll Service, which includes the most effective and convenient? Most likely, in the end you choose an online payroll program or a full payroll calculation online.

Wage calculation software

Employers can use software to calculate wages. Enter the time data yourself and the software calculates the payments. Then you can print the checks or send them as a direct deposit.


  • Wage calculation software can be an accessible option.
  • With the help of payroll software you have and can process the Payroll Service “in flight”.
  • Pay software can have online access. This can be particularly useful for small business owners who require the convenience of online access from anywhere.
  • Online payment software can be upgraded automatically, which means you do not have to worry about installing updates to keep the software.


Some remuneration programs have been designed for experienced accounting professionals.

  • The solution! Choose the software that will be easy to use for small business owners.
  • Cancellation policy or support may apply.
  • The solution! Before signing up, make sure you read the packages and find out if there is a long-term contract and / or a cancellation fee.
  • She is responsible for wage taxes. You need to calculate taxes on the Payroll Service and make sure all forms and payments are accurate.
  • The solution! Make sure your payroll software offers free reports that clearly indicate the amount of your tax liabilities (… but your contribution will ultimately depend on your responsibility).
  • Payments to a forgotten tax (or errors in the documentation) may arise and may be expensive.
  • The solution! Think of using the complete software to calculate the payroll.
  • Some small business owners believe they do not have the time and experience to handle income tax. In this case, you can choose a full payment option. The right supplier can reserve a small businessman over 100 hours a year!

Full salary

Previously, the Payroll Service could print and provide your company’s salary. But now many small businessmen save time and money, using a paycheck and a direct deposit. Now, in full paid calculations, you can use online calculations and offer a decision on the absence of obligations to apply federal, provincial and local wage fees.


Full wages can be the least costly option for small businesses, given wage deposit time.

Federal, provincial and local taxes are deposited on behalf of the small business with full payment.

Payroll Services Australia can provide automatic updates and ease of processing a payroll from anywhere 24 hours a day.


  • The total wage cost will be more expensive than the basic version of payroll software.
  • In the end, you are responsible for the tax bill on salaries.
  • The solution! Make sure you have an authoritative business with a good evaluation of the Better Business Bureau. Wage billing providers should be able to provide timely reports on the deposit of taxes.
  • Some options for full payment for payment services may have installation costs and charge a high cost for support.
  • The solution! Make sure that when you sign up for a payroll provider, you know of any additional costs.


The software calculates wages versus total wage. You want to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option. For example, if payroll software can cost less, the “cost” of time to calculate and the penalties for any payments in the event of a payroll delay makes total salary the best option for your business?

Hidden rates. Before switching to the payroll method, you want to carefully consider your cancellation, customer support, customization, and so on.


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